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Expansion Joints


This system uses a butyl rubber membrane, bonded to the substrate with Uniflex Epoxy Adhesive to provide an efficient and permanent joint that is easily installed. The system will accommodate a variety of conditions from those experienced on an asphalt-covered traffic-free roof, to bridge decks with sheet membrane, spray on coating or asphalt waterproofing, also it can be used with two layer mastic asphalt or brick paving systems.

The Uniflex membrane is prepared from specially developed butyl rubber compound that is tough, weatherproof, flexible and can withstand up to 300% elongation.

The Uniflex epoxy adhesive has been designed specifically for bonding Uniflex to concrete, asphalt and other surfaces to make the system effective.

Uniflex membrane is normally supplied in 20 metre rolls of any required width up tp 1300mm, adhesive, closed cell foam and steel plates if required are all part of the different systems we can provide.

The Uniflex system is chemically inert and completely impervious to water and water vapour.  In buried joints the membrane is completely protected by the wearing surface.  Uniflex membrane will not rot or crack in service and the combination of a simple design and proven components makes the system naturally long-lasting and well up to the requirements of modern building and civil engineering practice.

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