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Concrete Repairs & Corrosion Mitigation

USL StructureCare are able to offer a wide range of concrete repair services, ranging from traditional methods through to advanced solutions such as cathodic protection.

We are a leading specialist in the field of corrosion mitigation and prevention including galvanic and hybrid anodes, as well as ICCP.


  Deck Repair Rapid A pre-packed polymer modified cementitious repair mortar with a high level of early strength development and rapid moisture loss. The product is designed to comply with the Department of Transport Standard BD27/86 clause 6.
  Nucem HB Mortar A high build lightweight fibre reinforced mortar designed for the repair and restoration of spalled or damaged concrete in the inverted and vertical plane. A pre-packed material containing an SBR or Acrylic gauging liquid to improve bonding and waterproofing properties of the mortar.
  Nucem Mortar A pre-packed cementitious mortar designed for the repair of sections between 10mm - 50mm mainly in the horizontal plane. Available with either an SBR or Acrylic gauging liquid as required. Complies with the requirements of DTp Standard BD27/86 Clause 6..
  Nucem Primer A water desirable cementitious epoxy primer tack coat designed for the use Nucem HB Mortar, Nucem Mortar, and Nucem Concrete, also recommended for use when binding fresh concrete to old.

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