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Resin Mortars & Adhesives

A range of heavy duty resins designed for the construction industry where high strength, negligible shrinkage, excellent bond strength, combined with excellent chemical resistance properties.

  Resiset High performance, solvent free EPOXIDE SCREED and RENDER designed for application to horizontal and vertical surfaces where properties of abrasion and chemical resistance as well as high strength are required. 20Kg 2.2m² @ 5mm
  Epicon Mortar A versatile three component EPOXY MORTAR system for general repairs to spalled or damaged concrete surfaces. 5Kg 25Kg 2.5L 12.5L
  Epicon F.S. Mortar RAPID CURING EPOXY MORTAR. Allows concrete repairs to be carried out with the minimum of disruption. A primer is not required and the mortar will tolerate being applied to a damp substrate. 5Kg 25Kg 2.5L 12.5L
  Epibear EPOXY BRIDGE BEARING MORTAR. Designed specifically for bridge bearing pad levelling plinths and other load bearing applications. Develops high strengths quickly even at low temperatures. Used in conjunction with Epicon Primer/Tack Coat 'H'. 18Kg 8.35L
  Epikerb EPOXY BEDDING MORTAR. Enables the fixing of kerbs directly onto concrete or asphalt eliminating the need of a bedding channel or haunching. 20Kg 9.70L
  Epicon Tack Coat V and H EPOXY PRIMER / TACKCOAT. A solvent free system used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Use with Resiset, Epicon and Epibear mortar systems. 0.25Kg 0.50Kg 1Kg 2 - 3m² per Kilo
  Epicon D.S.P. SOLVENT FREE ADHESION PROMOTER for damp surfaces providing a moisture barrier tack coat for green or damp concrete and anti-corrosion protection primer for steel. 5Kg 2 - 3m² per Kilo
  Epolite AVS LOW DENSITY, SOLVENT FREE THIXOTROPIC EPOXY ADHESIVE. Excellent non-slump characteristics, material can be pumped. 1L 10L 1L 10L
  Brickbond Low Odour Two component EPOXY BONDING PASTE, neutral in colour. Suitable for bonding all types of cut bricks into specified angles or shapes. 10L 10L
  Epiflex Transition Mortar Cold applied FLEXIBLE, EPOXY TRANSITION MORTAR designed for bridge and car park joint transition strips. Excellent adhesion to metal, asphalt and concrete and is moisture tolerant. 20Kg 10L
  Epicon ARG RAPID SETTING, cold applied FLEXIBLE EPOXY GROUT designed for use as a moisture tolerant flexible repair system. A versatile high flow resin used for the repair of narrow cracks and joints or when blended with coarse aggregate for large area repairs. 5Kg 2.5Kg 4.4L 2.2L
  Confil Bedding Mortar RAPID SETTING POLYESTER BEDDING MORTAR characterised by it's rapid strength development which allows work to be carried out with minimum disruption. Ideal for the bedding and raising of manhole frames, fixing of street furniture and as a rapid setting repair mortar. 25Kg 11.2L
  Confil Mortar POLYESTER RESIN MORTAR used for small concrete repairs or as a bedding mortar where a quick and rapid strength gain are required. 5Kg 25Kg 2.36L 11.78L
  Timbergrade Rapid setting, easy to use two pack WOOD FILLER. The ideal solution for knots, splits, shakes, dents and all surface imperfections as well as rectification in all types of joinery work. Available in a range of timber shades. Extra tubes of hardener available. 1.5Kg 0.86L
  Nuwash A powerful SOLVENT CLEANER used to clean all tools and equipment which have been in contact with resin based materials. 5L 20L N/A

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