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Formwork Treatments

A range of products for use on timber, steel and other types of formwork to provide a high quality concrete finish.

Product names displayed in GREEN are environmentally friendly.

  Nulease Varnish Standard FORMWORK VARNISH for sealing and protecting general formwork where the criterion is for multiple use. 5L 20L 7 - 9m² per Litre
  Nulease W.B. WATER BASED ACRYLIC SEALER designed for applications onto wood and concrete formwork. This environmentally friendly product is characterised by its rapid drying, hard wearing, no yellowing properties which gives maximum protection to timber formwork and moulds which ensures production of high quality concrete finishes. 5L 25L 7 - 9m² per Litre
  Formfil FORMWORK REPAIR PASTE designed to produce a fast setting compound which is resistant to impact, abrasion, oil, water and concrete alkalis. 1.5kg 7kg 0.84L 3.92L
  Biolease Standard BIODEGRADABLE, non flammable MOULD RELEASE AGENT designed for use on all types of formwork to give an excellent release and first class finish on all types of formwork. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT. 25L 210L 10-30m² per Litre
  Chemlease CONCRETE CHEMICAL RELEASE AGENT, which gives optimum release and will produce a high quality finish from all types of formwork. Complies with BCA Category 5. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT. 20L 210L 1000L 20-60m² per Litre
  Formstrike MRO Mould RELEASE AGENT based on a neat oil with surfactant, suitable for a wide range of formwork materials. Complies with BCA Category 2. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT. 20L 210L 1000L 15-30m² per Litre
  Formstrike WB Blend of BIO-DEGRADABLE OILS EMULSIFIED IN WATER. Designed for general site applications and pre cast yards. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT. 25L 210L 1000L 25-45m² per Litre

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