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Concrete coatings applied to either fresh or newly struck concrete to control the rate of water loss. Non-flammable formwork and topface retarders which provide an exposed aggregate surface.
Product names displayed in GREEN are environmentally friendly.

  Chemcure S CONCRETE COATINGS. Aqueous solution of metallic silicates which when applied to fresh concrete forms a micro crystaline seal in the pores reducing evaporation. Compatible with Silane. Also available with fugitive dye. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT 20L 210L 5.5 - 6m² per litre
  Chemcure R90 CONCRETE CURING MEMBRANE with a water retention efficiency in excess of 90% Meets ASTM 309.66 and HA specification. 20L 210L 5.5 - 6m² per litre
  Chemcure R90 Alum CONCRETE CURING MEMBRANE with a water retention efficiency in excess of 90% 20L 210L 5.5 - 6m² per litre
  Curecote Super Highly efficient non degradable solvent based acrylic SEALER AND CURING MEMBRANE which may be overcoated at a later stage without removal. 20L 210L 5.5 - 6m² per litre
  Nuwash SOLVENT BASED CLEANER for equipment which has been in contact with Curecote Super, R90 and R90 Alum. 5L 20L N/A
  Aquatard FWR FORMWORK RETARDING GEL, a non-flammable system designed to produce an exposed aggregate finish to provide an excellent key for subsequent concrete or surface treatments. Biodegradable / environmentally friendly. 5L 25L 6 - 10m² per Litre
  Aquatard TF TOPFACE RETARDER, water based spray-applied retarder designed to expose aggregate on horizontal surfaces. Biodegradable/Environmentally Friendly. 5L 25L 210L 3m² per Litre
  Nuproof ALKALI RESISTANT RUBBERISED BITUMINOUS COATING, with excellent adhesion to sound building materials including asphalt surfaces. Flexible at low temperatures and resists softening. Ideal as a flexible waterproof membrane on bridge abutments and external walls prior to backfilling. 5L 25L 200L 2m² per Litre
  Chemclean ACID CLEANER, ideal for the removal of all cement based contamination and rust from a wide range of surfaces 20L 210L N/A

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