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Cementitious & Resin Structural Grouts

High performance, non-shrink cementitious and resinous Structural Grout for repair, bedding and anchoring. Used where high tensile loading is required for industrial applications and highways structures.

  Nugrout Superflow A high strength, FREE FLOWING, shrinkage compensated CEMENTITIOUS GROUT designed to cover the vast majority of grouting applications. 25kg 12.5L
  Nugrout Hi-Spec A high strength, non shrink, free flowing, CEMENTITIOUS GROUT based on low alkaline portland cement and non reactive aggregates. Meets the requirements of HA Specification Clause 2601.4. Tested by Aston Material Services. 25kg 13L
  Nugrout Flowable Concrete FLOWABLE, SELF-COMPACTING MICRO CONCRETE containing non reactive aggregates and which has a low Na2O content. Suitable for use where cathodic protection is in operation. Complies with the requirements of HA Specification BD27/86 Clause 4. Tetsed by Scientifics Group. 25kg 12.7L
  Confil Grout (standard/rapid) Polyester THIXOTROPIC resin ANCHOR GROUT designed for all types of fixing in vertical and inverted situations. Ideal for replacing corroded wall ties. 2L 10L 2L 10L
  Confil HP Grout (standard/rapid) FREE FLOWING ANCHOR GROUT designed as a resin anchor for all types of bolts, rebar and fixings in the horizontal plane. 2L 10L 2L 10L
  Epicon Grout L EPOXY GROUT. A three component pourable free flowing high strength grout for gaps over 20 - 100mm. 20kg 10.1L
  Epicon Grout M EPOXY GROUT. A lightly filled pourable grout for free flow gap grouting, recommended for gaps between 5mm - 40mm. 4.5 kg 20 kg 2.3L 10.2L
  Epicon Grout S EPOXY GROUT. An unfilled grout for small gap and crack widths between 0.25 and 6mm. Also suitable for injection applications. 5kg 0.45L
  Epicon Grout H THIXOTROPIC EPOXY GROUT designed to be pumped for horizontal applications. 4.5 kg 2.46 L
  Epicon RT Grout EPOXY RAILTRACK GROUT. Structural epoxy grout specifically designed for large cavity or deep section gaps including crane and rail track grouting. 32 kg 14.5 L
  Epicon Injection Resin L.V. A low viscosity EPOXY INJECTION RESIN for injection into concrete, masonry and brickwork to consolidate the structure and prevent ingress of moisture. 0.25kg 0.5kg 0.2L 0.4L
  Epicon Injection Resin Thixotropic THIXOTROPIC EPOXY INJECTION RESIN designed to flow freely while under pressure. 0.25kg 0.5kg 0.2L 0.4L
  Injection Resin Kit A prepacked kit containing EPICON INJECTION RESIN and all ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT to enable small scale crack injection to be carried out by experienced operatives. Available in either low viscosity or thixotropic versions. 0.9L 0.9L
  Nuwash A powerful SOLVENT CLEANER used to clean all tools and equipment which have been in contact with resin based materials. 5L 20L N/A

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