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Cementitious Repair & Paving Mortars

Pre-packed polymer modified cementitous concrete repair mortar for the reinstatement of defective concrete.

Product names displayed in GREEN are environmentally friendly.

  Deck Repair Rapid POLYMER MODIFIED CEMENTITIOUS CONCRETE REPAIR MORTAR characterised by its high early strength development and rapid moisture loss. The material has been designed to comply with the requirements of the HA standard BD27/86 Clause 6 and is an ideal material for the repair of bridge decks prior to waterproofing. 25Kg 12.5L
  Acropak HB40 Mortar MEDIUM BUILD LIGHTWEIGHT FIBRE REINFORCED MORTAR. Polymer modified cementitious mortar which requires the addition of clean water. The product is characterised by its excellent bond strength and high abrasion resistance, making it ideal for patching or rendering; up to 50mm on vertical surfaces and up to 30mm overhead. Complies with HA specification BD 27/86 Clause 6. 22Kg 14L
  Nucem HB Mortar HIGH BUILD LIGHTWEIGHT FIBRE REINFORCED MORTAR designed for the repair and restoration of spalled or damaged concrete in the inverted and vertical plane. A prepacked material containing an SBR or Acrylic gauging liquid to improve bonding and waterproofing properties of the mortar.Tested by Taywood. Complies with HA specification BD 27/86 Clause 6. 20Kg 14L
  Nucem Mortar Prepacked CEMENTITIOUS MORTAR for the repair of sections between 10mm - 30mm mainly in the horizontal plane. Available with either an SBR or Acrylic gauging liquid as required. Guaranteed low W/C ratio. Complies with the requirements of HA specification BD27/86 Clause 6. 27.5kg 13 L
  Nucem Concrete Similar to Nucem Mortar but containing a large granotype aggregate FOR SECTIONS GREATER THAN 25mm. Available with either an SBR or Acrylic gauging liquid as required. Complies with the requirements of HA standard BD27/86 Clause 6. 27.5kg 12L
  Nucem Primer Water dispersed CEMENTITIOUS EPOXY PRIMER TACK COAT for use with Nucem HB Mortar, Nucem Mortar and Nucem Concrete. Also recommended for use when bonding fresh concrete to existing concrete. 0.5kg 1kg 5kg 3-5m² per kg
  Nucem Emulsion Primer Single Pack ACRYLIC, READY-TO-USE PRIMER, for application with Nucem or Acropak products or as a general bonding primer. 5L 25L 5-8m² per Litre
  Nucem Skimcoat POLYMER MODIFIED CEMENTITIOUS LEVELLING COAT with built-in flexibility and waterproofing properties. Ideal for the treatment of repaired concrete and the surrounding areas to give an overall uniform appearance. Tested by Taywood. 12.5kg 6.24L @ 1mm
  Nupatch Bedding Mortar RAPID SETTING BEDDING MORTAR characterised by its rapid strength development which enables work to be carried out with the minimum of disruption. Ideal for the bedding and raising of manhole frames, fixing of street furniture and as a rapid setting repair mortar. Complies with HD 27/04 3.11N/mm2 @ 2 hours. 25kg 12.5L
  Nupatch Bedding Mortar HA104 RAPID SETTING BEDDING MORTAR characterised by its rapid strength development. Complies with HA 104/02 6.1 for Bedding of Chamber and Gully Tops. 25kg 12L
  Nupatch Cosmetic (White/Grey/Special) An easy to use CEMENTITIOUS REPAIR COMPOUND which develops a high strength at an early age for small cosmetic repairs of both insitu and pre cast concrete. Can be colour-blended on site to match substrate. 7.5kg 25kg 3.75L 12.5L
  Nufix S.B.R STYRENE BUTADIENE RUBBER latex emulsion designed to upgrade the bonding,waterproofing and abrasive qualities of sand cement renders and screeds. 5L 25L N/A
  Tie Hole Sealer A cement based polymer modified HIGH BUILD/THIXOTROPIC COMPOUND designed for sealing of tie holes. 1L 4L N/A
  Nucem HD Floorscreed Flow-applied, HEAVY DUTY SELF-SMOOTHING SCREED Laid from 5-25mm in one application; providing a smooth, dust free surface. Wearing surface for industrial and fork lift traffic. 25kg 13L
  Hi-Spec Paving Bedding Mortar Shrinkage compensated BEDDING CONCRETE, STONE AND GRANITE elements. Suitable for use on pedestrian or vehicular trafficked areas and complies with Highways Specification for Highway Works Clause 2601 in full and BS7533. 25kg 13L
  Hi-Spec Paving Shrinkage compensated, high strength, single pack JOINTING MORTAR used for joint filling paving elements in pedestrian and carriageway situations. Complies with BS7533. 25kg 13L

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