Epoxy Resin Grouts

Project: Media City Footbridge, Manchester

Contractor: Balfour Beatty

 Epoxy Resin grout used in bridge repairs

Scope: For this project, Balfour Beatty required a high strength, non-shrink Epoxy Resin grout for slew bearing supports, grouting to a depth of 50mm as well as for grouting box outs of 300 x 300 x 300mm.

In addition, the grout required very high adhesion strength to metal. Epicon Grout was supplied to site in summer 2010 in standard and tropical versions; the tropical version mediates the effects of exotherm in deep section applications within the mixed epoxy resin grout.


Project: Olympic Park, London

Contractor: Bam Nutall

 Epoxy resin at Olympic park

Scope:Bridge T12 is a temporary bridge that enables Olympic Park spectators to access the stadium, from the secure coach park to the Accreditation Centre, without disruption to traffic flow on Stratford High Street.

The bridge which is 38m long and weighs 200Te, is supported upon two steel portal arch frames, each weighing 70Te during the lift. Due to restrictions in road closing and design restrictions over the parameters in terms of loading the arches with the bridge deck, we required a non-shrink grout with an early compressive strength gain of 60N/mm², to grout beneath the portal arch base plates before the bridge could be lifted. Due to the cost of hiring such a crane, the arches were to be lifted into position on a Saturday night closure and the bridge deck on Wednesday night closure. In autumn 2011 approximately 1.5m³ of Nufins' Epicon Grout was poured beneath the base plates over two days, with regular testing of grout cubes to monitor and verify strength gain before the lift commenced. Graeme Murray, Construction Manager.

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