Channel Drainage Installation; Morrisons Blaydon

For this mezzanine car park deck, Epiflex was utilised to bed the support rail of channel grating and to fill the transition slot either side, within the recessed concrete channel. The waterproof surface coatings were subsequently applied over the whole deck slab and brought over the Epiflex, which ensures a watertight interface between concrete and metal and accommodates the designed flexing of the deck slab.

Epiflex Waterproof coating

Epiflex Waterproof coating

Following completion of the project and opening of the carpark, development of cracks in the concrete slab, running perpendicular to the channel drain, breached the waterproof surface coating. However, the integrity of Epiflex transition strip was maintained and it was so well bonded that it remained watertight.

Benefits to client, contractor and bridge engineers are as follows:

- Epiflex cold-applied flexibilised, resin transition mortar

- Inbuilt flexibility, waterproof and durable

- Absorbs and distributes dynamic stress loading evenly

- High bond strengths with concrete, asphalt and metal

- Resistant to chemicals, fuel oil, fuel aviation & road salts

- Easy-to-use pourable product; no compaction & void free

- Whole life cost saving 20 year+ solution

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