Major Achievement For Steve Anderson

We often praise the sales guys for delivering on their targets and letting them know what fantastic job they have done. We also praise the delivery team on their ability to translate what the sales guy had in his head at the time of putting the quote to the client...

In reality this is deserved and quite frankly correct. 

We however seldom recognise the ones who work in the background making sure that the company can deliver on the commitments and promises made by the guys at the front end. 

USL would like to recognise Steven Anderson (and team) on his dedication to USL in delivering product and the number of years he has remained loyal to the business. 

Steve Anderson

Simon Turner presenting Steve with gift of appreciation from USL Group

Steve is now in his 40th year of service in manufacturing - an unsurpassed feat and a very significant milestone. 

Steve started work on the 15th of September 1977 at the age of 16 where he started to learn his trade in the manufacturing of Construction Chemicals. 

Steve Anderson

From left to right: David Elwell, Simon Turner, Steve Anderson, Andrew Hedge, Dave Chadwick, Katie Gibbons, John Surtees, Alison Longworth

Steve secured his role as Factory Manager early in his career and reaffirmed his dedication to the role on his transfer from Brunswick Road in 2000. 

It is clear now why based on Steve's phenomenal work ethic and tenacity in meeting or surpassing the sometimes (very) challenging requirements of a very dynamic and fluid business. 

In recent months Steve has become a Grandfather to Thea who was born on the 1st of March 2017. 

The effect on Steve has been immediate in terms of his more "mellow" approach - a relative term to all who know Steve well. We all hope that long may this continue! 

Steve Anderson 3

From left to right: Kelly Hewitson, Tim Whittaker, Adrian Pike, Simon Turner, Steve Anderson, Nick Simpson, Chris Rothery, John Taylor, Simon Paxton

I am sure all within the company would like to congratulate Steve on his time served and look forward to him manufacturing and supporting the ever increasing volumes we need to produce. 

Steve always seem to find the ability to get the material out of the door and I'm yet to think of a time when he has not made it happen. 

Of even more value is Steve's phenomenal capacity to remember (sometimes not a good thing...), how we overcame previous issues and in depth knowledge of the range of products USL manufacture at Washington. 

Thanks Steve you have the companies respect and admiration for your dedication and have I personally appreciated how you have guided me in the last 18 months. 


Andrew Hedge

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