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New Product - FEBA Proscreed

Cracks and joints repaired with BBA approved FEBA Proscreed

Cracks and joints in bituminous pavements are known to be one of the main sources of water ingress into a surface which can rapidly lead to potholing. The challenge has always been to seal the crack or joint with a material that matches the flexibility of the surface course, while maintaining similar texture and skid resistance to the surrounding surface.

USL along with partner company Joblin Purser have developed an innovative solution in FEBA Proscreed which has been awarded BBA HAPAS approval for use on all classes of UK bituminous highways to treat cracks or joints up to 40mm wide. FEBA Proscreed requires no milling out and has short cure time which means minimal traffic disruption whilst the works are carried out.

Feba proscreed

Key characteristics include:

  • Effective sealing properties to stop ingress of water
  • Flexible nature to allow for movement in the pavements structure
  • Consistent, enduring skid resistant finish

System benefits:

  • Application throughout the year subject only to minimum temperatures and dry surface conditions
  • Rapid curing and can be trafficked within 30 minutes of application
  • Cost effective
  • High friction grades available
  • Will extend the service life of asphalt, reducing maintenance costs

Following preparation of the crack or joint with hot compressed air, the exposed void is filled with Proscreed Part A which is a blend of polymer modified bitumen, aggregates and fibres which act to fill and seal the joint.

FEBA Proscreed Main

The application of Proscreed Part B which incorporates high PSV aggregates fuses the two materials together to give an optimal combination of flexibility, durability and skid resistance.

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