USL Deliver Robust Waterproofing Solution For BAM Nuttall

USL BridgeCare is currently undertaking a complete bridge deck refurbishment to Eccleston and Victoria Bridges outside Victoria Train and Bus Station in London.

Bridge Deck

Eccleston Bridge;

Works are being completed over several phases, Phase 3 has been completed with Phase 2a and 2b underway (phase order has changed).

Following the breaking out of the existing carriageway and footways, temporary and then permanent management solutions had to be implemented to reduce the water finding its way through the holes in the existing deck down onto the platforms below.

Permanent steel plates with mastic sealant were installed followed by concrete screed regulating layer and then painting of various areas of exposed metal.  These works enabled the deck ready for specialist contractor USL BridgeCare to apply their BBA HAPAS PmB two part polyurethane spray applied waterproofing and Aggregated tack coat systems.

Bridge Deck

Elizabeth Bridge;

Phase 2a was completed and Phase 2b is ongoing. 

Surfacing has been removed from the carriageway and footpath slabs, exposing a concrete deck in fairly good condition that only required minor concrete repairs.

After the completion of repairs, USL BridgeCare waterproofed the carriageway and footpath using Pitchmastic PmB two part spray applied waterproofing membrane.

When complete USL BridgeCare will have applied 2919m² of Pitchmastic PmB waterproofing membrane and Aggregated Key Coat; 2031m² of Wolfin sheet waterproofing and the installation of 178 linear metres of Type 6 Britflex BEJ expansion joint system to the above structures.

The Pitchmastic PmB high performance system is 100% polyurethane containing no fillers or additives and is VOC free. Following installation, Pitchmastic PmB has exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, excellent crack bridging capability with 300% elongation. The system is British Board of Agrément and Network Rail approved with a life expectancy of over 30 years.

Bridge Deck

Pitchmastic PmB system features and benefits:

·     Two component PUR spray system

·     100% solids reactive resin content

·     Solvent free

·     No fillers

·     Rapid setting

·     Tack free after approximately 1 minute

·     Can be walked on after approximately 10 minutes

·     Elastic after approximately 45 minutes

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