USL Group is an international civil engineering and construction organisation focusing on bridges, tunnels, rail and major structures and are able to offer our clients a comprehensive service encompassing the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist construction products including bridge expansion joints, bridge deck waterproofing membranes, protective coatings, concrete repair and car park refurbishment work.


Bridge repairs can often amount to 10-30% of the updated construction cost, and large repairs may even exceed the updated construction cost and still be the preferred option when compared to the cost of traffic interruption and demolition. As moisture is the most significant factor in concrete deterioration, incorporating sufficient waterproofing at the design stage is by far the most cost-effective option.
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Car parks are unique structres. Extremes of cyclical loading, often on a daily basis, occur as the car park is filled on a morning and emptied by evening. Lacking a stable heat source, the structure feels the full force of daily and seasonal temperature variations. In exisiting car parks, there is often visual evidence to demonstrate the effect of insufficent protection. Whilst repairs and protective coatings at this stage are often reactive measures, careful material specifications and good choice of experienced contractors can return the car park to a high level of decorative and structural well-being.
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From modern developments of new build housing to sensitive refurbishments of listed structures, USL Group have the capability to waterproof, strengthen and repair any building. We provide a comprehensive specialist service, using traditional skills as well as the cutting edge of building technology. Held in high regard across the industry, our experienced team are able to provide professional advice to ensure client satisfaction.
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The maintenance of rail infrastructure is essential in order to ensure train travel across the UK remains as safe and uninterrupted as possible. A multidisciplinary manufacturer and installer, USL Group offer an extensive range of services within this sector, from surface mounted tactile paving to structural waterproofing. Working across the industry, USL Group’s vast client portfolio includes Network Rail and London Underground.
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Often subject to heavy loads both above and throughout the structure, tunnel maintenance is essential to ensure safety for all road users. We understand the complexities the tunnel environment brings; working in constraints of space, limited light and implementing efficient traffic management.
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