Gellatly Street MSCP, Dundee

Dundee City Council's Gellatly Street multi-storey car park in the centre of city has recently been refurbishment by USL StructureCare.

The 460 space 9 level car park is situated close to the cities museum, art gallery and market is therefore a very popular and safe place for visitors and people who work nearby. The council identified the need to maintain the structure in its current user friendly condition stating, "We want to be sure that continues to be the case and by renewing the structural waterproofing and where necessary repairing the concrete it will continue to be one of our most popular multi storey car parks for many years to come."

Structural waterproofing neededStructural Waterproofing done

BEFORE                                                      AFTER

Following a competitive tender process, USL StructureCare were awarded the contract which initially involved surface preparation works to remove the existing coating. Localised concrete repairs were then carried out to defective deck areas using Nucem Mortar.

On completion of all repair works, USL StructureCare applied Masterseal Traffic 2205 coating system (formerly Conideck) to the upper decks. Masterseal Traffic 2205 is a liquid-applied, crack bridging car par deck waterproofing system based on advanced polymeric materials. It consists of an epoxy substrate primer, a spray applied elastomeric polyurethane/polyuria hybrid waterproofing membrane. A touch hard wearing polyurethane wear coat and choice of topcoats. The seamless coating has and attractive, skid resistant, UV and weather resistant finish which is easy to clean and maintain and resistant to fuels, battery acid, de-icing salts and alkaline cleaners.

Masterseal coating systems 2257/2260 were applied to 7 No. internal levels incorporating M860 membrane to day-work joints to provide a robust, durable and long term protective wearing surface, which will continue to protect the reinforced concrete structure for many years.

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