Civic Quarter MSCP, Doncaster

The Civic Quarter or Southern Car Park, as it was known before its refurbishment, was built in the late 1960s. The structure provided parking on four suspended decks and the ground floor was a main bus station for the town, making the building a key infrastructure hub. Parking was provided for around 750 cars. The structure features in situ reinforced concrete with precast concrete parapet units fixed around its perimeter. The uncoated car park's roof deck did not have any provision for waterproofing before this refurbishment project.

waterproofing membrane

The scheme included altering access into the car park from the busy Trafford Way entrance to a safer position and capacity was to increase along with potential revenues and the efficiency of the car park's management. 

The refurbishment involved converting the redundant bus station area on the ground floor into additional parking, allowing the bay count to be increased to around 850 cars with a redesigned entrance/exit position at ground floor level. A new ramp was built improving circulation around the car park and diverting the main entrance away from the busy roundabout on Trafford Way allowing cars to access the upper levels from the new ground floor parking area. BASF's deck waterproofing membrane Masterseal 2203 (formely CONIDECK) was installed to the roof (appox. 5000 m2), while Masterseal 2260 was applied to the three intermediate decks (around 5000m2 each).

waterproofing membrane

Masterseal provided a seamless coating with an attractive, skid-resistant, and weather-resistant finish that would be easy to clean and maintain. Its resistance to fuels, battery acid, de-icing salts and alkaline cleaners was a further benefit. As Masterseal 's manufacturer, BASF also provided a single source of supply for the other construction systems used on the contract.

MASTERTOP® cementitious self-levelling underlayment, was used to profile and smooth the car park's existing rough-textured deck surface and Protectosil® CIT corrosion inhibitor was applied to help prevent corrosion of the concrete's steel reinforcement.

End users were very pleased with the high-quality standard of parking delivered, with feedback including: "A much cleaner, brighter and safer place to park," and "colourful and clearly marked parking bays means a much happier parking experience for me and my family."

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