Ankerside MSCP, Tamworth

Ankerside Shopping Centre is a key economic hub for Tamworth. It is a major commercial resource for the town as well as a significant provider of employment for local people. The car park is an integral part of the shopping centre and the only multi storey car park in the town, consequently the refurbishment objectives addressed both the car park itself and the wider economic picture.

Based on the project's objectives, refurbishment work encompassed the following areas:

  • Car Deck Waterproofing
  • Concrete & Repairs
  • Expansion Joints
  • Wall Coatings & Soffit Anti-Carbonation Coatings

concrete repairs at Ankerside

The work was timed to begin at the end of May 2006 and reach completion at the end of November 2006 in order to optimise weather conditions and avoid peak trading times.

USL StructureCare produced a master programme for the project using Primavera industry-specific project management software. This formed the backbone for project management of the contract, with progress against plan measured on a fortnightly basis. The programme contained lead in times for certain key trades and also flexibility in the programme items, which may be utilised if necessary.

To ensure that as much of the car park as possible was kept open during refurbishments and to minimise disruption to users, no more than 30% of all parking bays were taken out of action at any one time.

The refurbishment project has made a radical difference to the visual appeal, efficiency, safety and security of the car park, turning it from a gloomy, intimidating and dingy building to a bright, clean and inviting place to park. Customers are now enjoying a vastly improved and very positive car parking experience, and the shopping centre management, proud of the car park's new look and feel, is confidently promoting it in tourist brochures and locally. Although it is too early to formally assess the refurbishment's impact on revenue and usage, customers' responses have so far been unanimously favourable. There is every expectation that the project will attract more business for retailers and boost the popularity of the shopping centre as a whole. This in turn means sustained local economic benefits, including increased employment opportunities.

For the car park's owners, the carefully structured and very thorough tendering process meant that the contract was delivered by a highly professional and experienced team, able to make best use of resources and available finance.

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