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Formwork finishes re-branded 1.jpgNufins was established in 1966 by Robert Craig and John Charlton as they entered the concrete industry with a varnish coating treatment for formwork to improve the finish of concrete surfaces. The aforementioned likely lads from the North East christened the company Nufins (''new-fins'') and launched their product which began life with the name ''Nufinish'' (''new-finish'').

It was subsequently renamed Nulease and became the complimentary treatment to Chemlease release agent which followed. The combination of these two products vastly reduces the incidence of plucking and blowholes.

In the early days Nufins (but some folk still call us Nuffins!), applied Nulease to formwork in a unit next door to the old Scottish & Newcastle Brewery in the centre of Newcastle. The product proved extremely popular and has been supplied throughout the UK, Ireland and to the Far East ever since. A number of companies who have used Nulease for over 40 years and some of our oldest customers include PD Edenhall, O'Rourke (now Laing O'Rourke), CV Buchan and Brooks Contracting.

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We are pleased to announce that we still manufacture Nulease in Tyne & Wear and for purposes of clarity we have renamed the product as follows;

Yes it's just a name, but this name serves to demonstrate that Nufins continue providing the industry with material for achieving high quality concrete finishes. We trust that old and new customers alike continue to benefit from the use of these effective formwork coatings.

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