Pumped Grout - Whitburn Coastal Park, Mill Lane, South Tyneside

A mud-slurry drilling contract for the Coal Board - to sink a bore hole for monitoring water levels in mine shafts - hit problems at 10am on May 4th 2010. At a depth of 30m the rock strata was fissured, leading to the unwanted disappearance of the mud-slurry used in the drilling operation! Nufins were contacted to meet with the contractor the same morning and to specify a suitable fast setting product that could be pumped in to plug and seal off these fissures.


Due to the nature of the operation, our technical team specified a choice of two materials which were sent to site that afternoon. First selected was 'Nugrout Flowable Concrete' which is best pumped through a Putzmeister P11 worm drive pump, but since the contractor was unable to acquire such a pump at short notice and could only acquire a Bauer colloidal slurry pump (not primarily designed to pump micro-concrete), we proposed to revert to the other selected option of 'Nugrout Hispec', a pre-bagged free flowing pourable and/or pumpable grout.

Pumped Grout Nugrout Hi spec

The pour commenced at 4pm and by critical control of water addition and observation of the product workability, we successfully pumped approx 2m3 of bagged grout in 2.5 hours, filling the borehole upwards from 30m to 11m deep. This effectively stopped the downtime on the operation. As the grout bodied-up and hardened, all leaks were plugged and the mud-drilling process was recommenced after 12 hours the next morning.

The Coal Board and contractor were delighted with technical support and service afforded to them. Nufins responded promptly to a customer request with advice, product specification, delivery of materials and site attendance by technical staff, all within a few hours on the same day.

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