M6 Bromford Viaduct ­ “Whole Life Costing”

Procured from a pool of specialist contractors under the Highway Agency's industry leading Construction Management Framework this project was the culmination of a five year, £30m refurbishment and improvement programme on one of the busiest stretches of motorway in Europe.

Bej Expansion Joints

After a 'Whole Life' Cost exercise was undertaken for the UK Highways Agency by Maintaining Authority Amey Mouchel (Area 9 MAC). A decision was made to replace all problematic asphaltic plug joints (HA Type 2) on the Midlands Link Motorway viaduct with USL's BRITFLEX BEJ expansion joint system (HA Type 6). The BRITFLEX BEJ system was chosen because of its key performance characteristics which include:

  • Rapid on site assembly
  • Minimal disruption to traffic
  • Minimised future maintenance costs

The Works

The design and procurement team developed a sustainable, economical solution whilst significantly reducing the impact on the travelling public.

Bej Expansion Joints

This met the Highway's Agency requirements to minimise traf­ fic congestion during the works by maintaining three lanes in each direction except in off peak hours.
Whist this necessitated the construction and later removal of contra­flow enabling works, the 3.5km of four lane bituminous inlay, safety fencing and street lighting and the removal of 183 expansion joints to be replaced with the BRITFLEX BEJ/5 joint system was completed in six weeks.

The joint installation required resources from USL for 24 hours on each and every project day utilising 12 joint installation crews per shift to meet the stringent programme demands. The whole project was completed on time and in budget.


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