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Transflex High Movement & Seismic Joints


Type 5 Reinforced Elastomeric Joint to accommodate movement range from 400mm - 1600mm.

The High Movement Transflex® expansion joints have been designed to cover large movements for bridges and viaducts with large spans, but also for structures in seismic areas. They consist of two modules, the movement module and the bridging module. The movement module is the 'mobile' section of the joint, made of rubber and steel, aimed to accommodate the expected movements. The bridging module is the 'fixed' section of the joint, aimed to bridge the structural opening. 

The High Movement Transflex® expansion joints absorb large movements while providing remarkable comfort to traffic, effective sealing, low maintenance and easy replacement. 


  • Impact loads are absorbed by the joint
  • Provide comfortable riding characteristics without impairing vehicle handling
  • Accommodates seismic movements
  • Allows skewed movements
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Ideal for replacement and maintenance schemes
  • Replacement of damaged parts with minimum service interruption
  • Excellent technical service - pre and post installation
  • Special pieces for kerb / walkways to ensure continuity.

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