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Type 2 Asphaltic Plug Joints in accordance with BD33/94 standard.

USL offers three asphaltic plug joint systems, all in accordance with BD33/94 standard for use on all classes of highway bridges.

FEBA - is a standard asphaltic plug joint which provides a flexible, waterproof joint with excellent ride quality for users and noiseless characteristics for minimal impact on the environment. Asphaltic plug joints are recognised as being suitable for a maximum design movement of +/-20mm horizontally and +/-1.5mm vertically and are ideal for use on bridges with low traffic volumes such as B roads.

FEBA HM - is a high modulus asphaltic plug joint suitable for low to medium movement of +/-20mm on heavily trafficked highway bridges. FEBA HM is a special blend of bitumen, polymers, fillers and a surface active agent, formulated to combine good fluidity at process temperatures with low temperature flexibility and ambient temperature slump control. The use of basalt aggregates (BS EN 13043) ensures excellent load bearing capacity and high resistance to wheel tracking. This amalgamation of a highly interlocking aggregate allows the system to provide excellent anti rutting characteristics.

FEBA HC - A bituminious asphaltic plug joint which has been developed for use in Hot Climates.

Please note: Design, construction and installation criteria remains the same for all joint types.

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