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Pitchmastic PmB is a two part, spray applied, durable corrosion protection and waterproofing material. The high performance system is 100% polyurethane containing no fillers or additives and is VOC free. Once applied, Pitchmastic PmB has exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, has excellent crack bridging capability and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years and holds British Board of Agrément approval.

The system has gained BBA approval for use as a damp proof and waterproofing membrane for internal and external tanking. The system holds approvals in many continents including European North America, the Middle and Far East.

Fast and Easy Installation

Pitchmastic PmB membrane is fast and easy to install and is applied as a single coat or in multiple layers. The two component materials of the membrane system are mixed at the spray gun and applied to the substrate using compressed air.

The spray equipment allows complete mobility, spraying vertical surfaces, overhead, behind pipe bays or over corners and edges quickly and effectively. This is achieved due to the membranes ability to gel in seconds preventing curtaining and providing instant protection.


  • Two component PUR spray system
  • 100% solids reactive resin content
  • Solvent free
  • No fillers
  • Rapid setting - 5-8 seconds gel time
  • Tack free after approximately 1 minute
  • Can be walked on after approximately 10 minutes
  • Elastic after approximately 45 minutes

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