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BRITDEX MDP™ Bridge Deck Waterproofing

DOWNLOAD: BBA Certificate (One Coat System)

DOWNLOAD: BBA Certificate (Two Coat System)

A Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) waterproofing system comprises of up to three separate environmentally friendly layers each offering different properties to the system. The system offers a 100% effective seamless bridge deck waterproofing membrane and the design of the system means that it is extremely durable and flexible, resulting in its suitability for application to a variety of surfaces and structures.

The rapid curing properties of each element of the Britdex MDP system means that substantial areas can be covered in short periods of time making the system extremely cost effective.

Due to the high durability of the system, it is unaffected by surfacing operations whilst offering excellent bond strengths to both the surfacing and the bridge deck.


  • Bridges
  • Tunnels (Cut and Cover, Immersed Tube)

 The Britdex MDP waterproofing system comprises as follows;


A two component Methacrylate Resin applied by airless spray, brush or roller. This forms a sealer coat on the surface of the porous concrete and works as an adhesive primer for the Britdex MDP Membrane and may be applied to either a concrete or steel substrate.

Our standard primer may be applied to concrete after 7 days of cure, should the concrete deck be less than 7 days old then we would recommend the use of our DSP Primer.


A two component Methacrylate Resin applied in either one or two colour coded coats by airless spray, roller or brush providing an effective, seamless Waterproofing Membrane to the bridge deck surface.

BRITDEX MDP™ Bond Coats for asphalt overlays

Standard Tack coat comprises of a single component pigment solution of Acrylic polymers in solvents. The tack coat is only applied to surfaces that are to be overlaid with a 20mm sand asphalt protection layer above the waterproofing membrane.

F.E. hot melt bond coat is a polymer modified bitumen hot melt adhesive, designed for the application to Britdex MDP waterproofing system to act as a bond coat to subsequent bituminous overlays.  It is recommended for use where the bitumen content in the surfacing specification is low, the surfacing layer is thin or the 20mm sand asphalt protection layer has been omitted.


  • Seamless coating leaving no vulnerable joints
  • Quick and easy application with rapid curing properties
  • Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable effective protection against corrosion
  • Versatile system - accommodates all surface contours, horizontal and vertical
  • Application of the waterproof membrane can be one or two coats
  • Highways Agency approved - BD47/99
  • Installed by USL's experienced and fully trained workforce

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